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best lab In janakpuri, delhi photo

best lab In janakpuri, delhi

As one of India's best Symptomatic firms, R-lifespan Diagnostics another lab has an extremely solid concentrate on enlisting and holding top quality labor to drive our diverse offices inside and outside the labs. even though of our size, we keep up a domai...[read more]

Best Pathology lab in Janakpuri photo

Best Pathology lab in Janakpuri

Nowadays, it is being seen that doctors do some tests to diagnose any disease that are necessary to know the exact condition of the sick. But have you ever noticed that in the Pathology Lab you are going to be reliable when investigating? But R-lifespan i...[read more]

Blood Test Lab in Delhi photo

Blood Test Lab in Delhi

Blood lab test plays an important role in keeping us healthy, healthy and alive. It supplies nutrients and oxygen to various organs, muscles, and tissues and removes waste products and carbon dioxides. Blood pressure, body angle and blood tests are consider...[read more]

Path Lab in Janakpuri photo

Path Lab in Janakpuri

Clinical Laboratory plays an important role in modern medicine. For a small disease, doctors will give various types of tests to the patient so that the actual merge and its condition can be ascertained. Thus, the role of clinical laboratory for proper trea...[read more]

Best lab in Delhi photo

Best lab in Delhi

R-Lifespan considered as one of the best lab in Delhi. It has pathology labs all over Delhi and it has many branches. R- Lifespan provides the custom solutions of pathology by the services to the specific requirements. Through this kind of approach, we will...[read more]