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Visualizing something that you want to have or want to experience can bring great joy into your life. The task is to display a series of interactive, effective visualizations that illustrate the results of laboratory tests. We may not be in the position right now to do or have what we want, but we can visualize it. This is the next best thing to actually having it or doing it. Our minds don’t know the difference in visualization and actually having or doing a thing, so it will respond in the same way it would if you where actually experiencing that which you are visualizing.
The more you visualize, and the better you get at it the better your overall focus becomes.

Patients can view their test on their computer or mobile through our web browser.

Test(s) we cover are below.

  1. Biochemistry : Lipid Profile, Kidney Function Test(KFT), Liver Function Test(LFT), RA Factor, CRP, Calcium, Phosphorous, Amylase, Lipase, Iron, Magnesium, Sugar, APO A, APO B, Microalbumin, CPK ,
  2. Immunology : Free Thyroid Function Test (FTFT), Total Thyroid Function Test(TFT), Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Insulin, Prolactin(PRL), LH,FSH, Testosterone, Progesterone, PTH,DHEA-S, BETA-HCG, ESTRADIOL(E2), PSA, FREE PSA,C-Peptide, Ferritin, IgE , Cortisol, Growth Hormone(HGH), CA-125,CA- 19.9 & CEA,
  3. HBA1C

More visualizations will be uploaded