Blood Sample Collection At Home in Janakpuri

The probability of spending hours and hours at some laboratories or any hospitals for some diagnostic tests which are needed for treatment. Understanding some issues with the patients which is not possible to come and go always and decided to get prepared some professional steps like Blood sample collection at home in Janakpuri which is really beneficial for all the patients and known who now R-Lifespan which has just set up a system of professionals and a simple call office to guarantee patients defeat benefits inside the solace of their own homes.

Not only blood test, we provides the particular service in every test whether it is some heart diagnosis, liver test or something else, we are here always to give our patients the best service and want to provide the best comfort zone.

The procedure is that if you want to test the blood for some reason, our special executives will be there at your home to collect the sample of blood and we tests and deliver your reports within 24 hour at your home as we deliver the reports to your home within 24 hour.

R-Lifespan is the child diagnostic lab of the very famous lab which is Dr. Reddy’s Pathology lab who serves you the benefits for many years and has the reputation in the path lab’s.

If you are looking for Blood Sample collection at home in Janakpuri, may be your searches ends here. Kindly visit website or contact us at +91-8882630123.