Blood Test Lab in Delhi

Blood lab test plays an important role in keeping us healthy, healthy and alive. It supplies nutrients and oxygen to various organs, muscles, and tissues and removes waste products and carbon dioxides. Blood pressure, body angle and blood tests are considered to be one of the 'important signs' and provide important information about your health and wellbeing.


Why is blood test done?

During the blood test, a little blood is taken from your body, usually with the help of a needle; your hand is released from the blood. To get the blood lab test in Delhi, the tight band closes around your arms to find the NIR first. Again the injection is cleaned with antiseptic pilchard. And the needle is being applied in the syringe, in which the needle is mixed and blood is collected in a special type of blood container. The syringe helps in extracting the blood sample, after taking the blood according to the needle, the needle is removed, and in order to stop the bleeding, the skin is pressurized for a few minutes. Many times the stucco is also used to keep that part clean and prevent infection. Then the blood sample is labeled in a bottle and sent under the microscope to the laboratory for examination or with the chemical test.

Benefit of blood test

Blood tests are done for diagnosis in modern medicine. To help the doctor, take a blood sample for help. For the following reasons, blood tests are done.

•    General health assessment of health

•    Determination of diseases

•    Function check of organs such as kidney and liver

•    Identifying the risk factors for heart disease



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