Corporate Health Check up in Delhi | R Lifespan

R-Lifespan provides you the best corporate health check up in Delhi at its best price and other benefits. Half of the people didn’t know about the health check up and those who knows about it, they didn’t know about that what tests are included in the health check up package. So R-Lifespan provides you the comfort to know about health check up.


1.       Blood Test: A blood test is the laboratory analysis which is performed on a blood sample to check the proper health and hygiene of a particular person.

2.       X-RAY: It stands for x-radiation or electromagnetic radiation, it’s a wave of high energy and used for the body scanning and check the happening in the body.

3.       ECG: It stands for Electrocardiogram and it is the latest kind of test which measures the electrical activity of a particular person’s heart to show whether it is working normally or not.

4.       Blood Pressure Check: It is the activity which calculates the heart beat’s highest level to reach blood pressure. A normal person has normal BP when it is more than 120 over 80 and less than 140 over 90.

5.       Eye Check Up: It is totally based on the eye resistance to the puff off ai, a machine calculates the Intraocular Pressure. If somebody has high eye pressure, that person may be in at risk to have glaucoma.


R-Lifespan has the best machine and instruments for the corporate health check up in Delhi. Get to know more, kindly visit website or contact us.